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Inverness Teams with Computer Science Corp. on State Department Data Security

June 25, 2007

Inverness Technologies, Inc. today announced that the U.S. State Department had awarded a 5 year contract worth as much as $100 million to protect the department’s computer security to a large multi-firm team that includes the Falls Church-based information technology company.

The team Inverness has joined is led by Computer Science Corporation. CSC assembled a consortium that includes such nationally known corporations as Symantec, Reliable Integrated Services, and Dataline Incorporated, and a handful of smaller firms with specialized expertise in the field of IT security.

“This award represents an important new opportunity for Inverness,” said Pete Peters, the company’s founder and president. As a member of the CSC team, Inverness will be able to compete against eight other teams that have also been awarded “blanket purchase agreement” contracts to deliver information security solutions to the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“No company is going to get every job that opens up under the BPA,” Peters said, “but we expect to win much of the work that will help improve data security throughout the State Department.”  Coming as another in a string of recent successes for Inverness, this contract, and the partnership with CSC, could help fuel the company’s continued growth through the rest of this decade.

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