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Counseling Research Study

September, 2007

The Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services provides services and assistance to veterans with service-connected disabilities to help them obtain, maintain or retain employment or to live independently if they are unable to work.  Many veterans live in remote or overseas locations or have difficulty traveling to meet with DVA counselors. Our goal is to provide the VA with a research study of remote counseling techniques which assist disabled or injured adults return to work or accomplish independent living goals.  Inverness will provide a variety of services to include a review and analysis of the literature, a cost benefit analysis, as well as a technology assessment to identify what equipment and technology is required to support successful remote counseling. We will also provide recommendations for a pilot study that would evaluate whether or not remote counseling enabled by telecommunications technology will improve the timeliness and outcomes of service delivery for disabled veterans.

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